Yoga for Digestion System

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  Bad digestion is the cause of all problem or diseases. Some digestive disorder can have more than one cause, as well as many symptoms, that affect more than a section of the digestion system. Yoga asana offers some postures that help you to cleanse, stimulate, aid, and encourage good digestive system. The metabolic energy called Agni in Ayurveda, which helps to eliminate the waste and toxins in the stomach. The Agni is stimulated. This helps to increase hunger and balance the digestive system.
The most of exercises in Yoga are rhythmic breathing; it brings the life force energy into the stomach. It cleans the toxic materials that come into the stomach due to the wrong diet. Yoga improves the Agni and creates balance in the digestion.
If you are suffering from indigestion problem, so you only need to do the daily practice the yoga for indigestion. It's never good if you practice yoga just after a meal, Minimum there should be a gap of four hours between your meal and your yoga practice start.
Here are some poses names which can help to improve the digestion system. These Poses is also called Yoga for Digestion System.
1-Trikona asana This asana improves the flexibility in your spine; improve indigestion, acidity, flatulence. This is also very good for a backache. 2- Paschimottanasana This asana works as a stress reliever. This helps to reduce fatty material deposit in the abdomen; this is very good for constipation and digestive system. 3-Pavanmuktasana This asana also is known as wind removing pose. This is best for gas problems and indigestion. This gives the strength to the back and cures the back pain. 4-Matsyendrasana This asana massage abdominal organs and reduce digestive problems.  

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