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Welcome to Shoolin Yoga and Meditation School for Yog Nidra Teacher Training Course in India at the foothills of Himalyas.

Overview of Yog Nidra Teacher Training at Shoolin Yoga School

Yog Nidra is one of the highest yogic practices that begins with relaxation for leaving the stress, body-mind-heart tension, and deep feeling of rejuvenation, inspires medical attention at the physical, mental and emotional levels. Enhances balance and harmony. To experience the highest state of consciousness, the body-mind-spirit That’s why Yoga Sleeping practice is unique in the path of yoga and there is a lot of practice among yoga enthusiasts,and teachers.

Yoga Nidra is a unique opportunity to learn in Yog Nidra teacher training courses. This teacher training course provides a combination of ancient yoga science and modern medical science by providing scientific explanations of all phases of yoga sleep.

The Other purpose of this training is to reduce, stress, anxiety with our body, mind and emotions, experience relaxation, relaxation and rejuvenation, and bring happiness in our lives. The format and order of the practice of the whole day of training will help us to open the source of the welfare, happiness, harmony and purpose of life. In the training Yoga is involved in the guidance of sleep (theory, practical and teaching practice), classical and contemporary meditation practice, asana, pranayama, group mantra chanting, kirtan, meditation and nature, holy place, cave and mountain arbitration, teacher etc. All these exercises are done in a light and fun manner so that you enjoy the learning process.

Highlight of Yog Nidra Teacher Training Course

A) Experience the Healing of whole body, mind and heart.

B) Become a Certified Yog Nidra Teacher to Help Heal and Help Others.

C) Renew deep relaxation, vitality and Motivation for the future.

D) Direct your energy and intelligence towards the expansion of self-awareness and consciousness.

E) Experience a deeper Positive change in your life.

Yog Nidra Benefits

A) Yoga sleep brings complete rest to the mind and body. Many people claim that yoga sleep is more comfortable than regular sleep.

B) Yoga sleep is considered a great stress preventant.

This exercise can be used to shape the mind and change our outlook for life, thus helping to deal with depression and anxiety.

C) Many practitioners make a lot of improvement in the quality of sleep after practicing yoga.

D) When receiving information about yoga, the brain gets faster and information is received.

E) Due to daily practice of yoga sleep, concentration and memory power improve.

F) Many diseases can be managed from yoga dormancy. Such as insomnia, hypertension, migraine, ulcer, digestive disorders and asthma.

G) Adding it to your daily schedule is also called to relieve the pressure of the coronary system.

Practice Styles of Yog Nidra

Nidra Yoga 

Nada Yoga      

Mantra Yoga

   Mindfulness Meditation

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Course Dates and Price

Yog Nidra Teacher Training India
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Syllabus for Yog Nidra Teacher Training

1 – Yog Nidra

The main objective of our Yog Nidra teacher training curriculum is to provide Yoga Sleeper Teacher training to our students to provide the skills of guided practice so that they can get very easy to lead meditation session, including some guided relaxation And Leadership is also the Yoga Sleep session. During yoga sleep training, you will experience the complete process of yoga sleep and will learn through special training principles and practices, in addition to Yog Nidra, 30 hours. This training will allow you to understand and experience yoga sleep through a step-by-step methodology very scientifically. This training will also help you develop skills and learn deep deep relaxation practice, guided meditation practice.

Practice Style

Nidra Yoga

Nad Yoga

Mantra Yoga

Mindfullness Meditation

Hatha Yoga

Applied Meditation and Philosophy

Applied Meditation, Yoga Philosophy is one of the interesting topics of our Yog Nidra teacher training course. This special class helps Trainees to understand the fundamental principles of Yog Nidra, Meditation and philosophy and their several aspects. This special subject also develops the basic understanding of the whole science of internal travel, making the internal travel map more systematic, scientific and point-to-point. Explanations also bring more practical clarity for the entire yoga science and their purpose in our lives…

Mantras and Asanas

Mantra is one of the most powerful instruments on the sound and it immediately affects our energy body, mental body, and emotional body. Therefore, almost religious paths, schools have developed their own sound practices to work deeply on the body, mind, health, health, meditation and spiritual development. You will get the opportunity to practice traditional Hatha Yoga posture in the contemporary dimension and in its pure essence in a more focused and intense experience. You will experience how asana practice can create a solid platform for higher yoga practices such as perception, meditation and samadhi.  

Teaching Practicum

In our Yog Nidra teacher training course, Teaching Practical topic gives a thorough and thorough explanation on the yogic Sleep science of each meditation practice. Students will get many information and tips about presenting each meditation practice in a more systematic and scientific way.

What’s Included in the Course Fee?

A) Accommodation in a single room with attached bathroom.

B) Three Yogic and Sattvic meals per day homemade fresh with local flavors.

C) Study Material on full course with Yoga Kit.

D) Weekly Excursions.

E) Free Laundry.

F) Free Airport Pickup from Dehradun Airport


Refund Policy

A) This is suggested that all aspirants are carefully considered the resources and time required for the course, before applying for the teacher training course at SYMT.

B) The advance deposit for any TTC Course or any retreat is not refundable.

C) No Refunds, Transfer or credits will be done on course cancellation, during or after the course start.

D) In case of an emergency, if the student is not able to attend the course, SYMT can permit the student to join the course in other scheduled course within the span of 12 months.