Yog Nidra


Yog Means Consciousness and Nidra Means Sleep.

Yoga Nidra Meditation is one of the most ancient Practices of meditation in the holistic system, which can use to merge with self and divine. Nidra ( Sleep ) is viewed as a goddess in the ancient culture of India. In the Ancient text of India, Yog Nidra is a Demonstration of par excellence reality. This is totally different from the physical sleep which we experience every night.

Shoolin Yoga Yog Nidra

Yog Nidra Retreat

Yog Nidra Retreat Program will explore the yog nidra concept in details at a practical and theoretical level. This course is designed to assist the yoga student to fell experience and understand the Inside and deeper layers of their personality. With the Ancient Tradition, this Yog Nidra workshop Include Mantras, Prayers, Pranayama and Meditation to access the goddess of sleep with the clarity and rejuvenation. The Practitioner will be guided through the basic level to the advanced level of Yog Nidra.

Apart from the Session of Yog Nidra, Practitioners will have the sessions of Breathing Techniques (To Regulate and understand the breath), Dharna (Deep Concentration), Pratyahara (Internalisation of sensory Input) and the process of ancient yogic doctrine include Patanjali Yog Sutras which aims to constitute our mind, body, soul for absolute existence. Yog Nidra in Rishikesh gives you an Opportunity to awake the internal awareness and creativity in a wonderful meditative experience. This practice can be done by all the Individual with no yoga and meditation Experience.

Yoga Nidra Benefits

* Yog Nidra Prompt the complete remission in the mind, body, and soul.

* Yog Nidra is considered to be a great exertion reliever for Insomnia People, by Practising Yoga Nidra for Insomnia.

* After Practising the Yog Nidra for sleep, Many Yoga Practitioners experience the drastic improvement in their sleep quality.

* So many diseases like a Migraine, Insomnia, digestive disorders, Asthma can be managed or cured by Yog Nidra and doing Yogic Asanas.

* So Many Yoga Practitioners claimed that Yog Nidra is lot more relaxation then even sleep.