Vipassana Meditation

Meaning of Vipassana is VI means RIGHT and PASSANA means OBSERVATION.

Shoolin Meditation

Vipassana Meditation is also called Buddhist meditation. This is a practice of continuing your attention towards body Observation, through which you can see the true nature of existence. 

This is the Insight Meditation which observes the things very closely, This has become the one of the most popular meditation technique in the world today. 

Mental and Physical Exhaustion is natural due to busy and hectic lifestyle, Vipassana Meditation Technique is very helpful to avoid this exhaustion and relieves the mind. The Important thing is if you want to take out the negative things which is hidden inside then figure out the weakness and take them out.

What is the Correct way to do Vipassana Meditation and its benefit?

This Meditation Process is the ancient process of meditation. By executing the efficacious events occurring quickly at one on our own body and mind, the practice of charlatanism helps us to lead a life of happiness and peace. From which we can experience peace and harmony within ourselves. Vipassana is a very apparent experiment for breath as breath is most important in so many ways. People must feel that breathing is different in different minds like bliss, Compassion, Anger etc. In the same way, the speed of breath is faster and slower during the physical activity. Old Monks, saints, and yogis adopt this process for their introspection and self-realization.


Vipassana is a very straightforward experiment, to get the complete vipassana meditation benefits, the focus is on your nostalgic breaths.

In any case, in the first exercise, sitting, sleeping, talking or being silent, simply feel the arrival and departure of breath in the nostrils of the nose. Just look like the breathtaking arrival of the breath or feel that it left the breath and took it.

Carefully note the gap between breathing and exhalation. Forcibly do not have to do this work. Vipassana is meditation, by meditating everything and paying attention to it.

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