Our Teachers

Yogi Rajat

Yogi Rajat

Meditation, Pranayama & Mantras

Rajat Maheshwari, The founder of Shoolin Yoga and Meditation Trust and Meditation Instructor with considerable exposure to teaching and practicing yoga. Along with the managing of SYMT, He spends most of the time of his day learning philosophy and Vedic science. He has always believed that Yoga contains the great power to influence the positive change in people as well as in the environment.

Yogi Ashwani 

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Yogi Ashwani is a confident, hardworking and enthusiastic person. He has strong willpower and believe highly in teamwork and adapt to any environment with ease. He has the capability of doing strong analysis, resolutions, and works even in adverse situation. He loves to face new challenges and experiments and believes in dedication and perfection. Ashwani is well professional in the teaching and practice of Hatha Yoga series. His special teaching class will surely help the student in correct alignment and transformation.


Kritika Sharma

Philosophy Teacher

Kritika is qualified Philosophy  teacher and Laughter yoga teacher, her progressive and continuous practicing of yoga, she insights 3 main fundamental facts that help us build our figure, while at the same time changing our daily habits, behavior, thoughts, understanding specified attitudes and appreciation of others. Those 3 fundamental facts are daily-routine yoga, balanced diet and laughing minimum 15 to 20 minutes every day. If we continue the practice every day, all positive aspects will begin to develop, not only in us but in the environment and society we live in, as well.


Yogi Rajneesh

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

After years of study in the yogic field, Rajneesh is now the successful Yoga Trainer and Practioner from Rishikesh. Rajneesh studied the yoga formally with the several senior teachers in respected yoga institutions. Rajneesh helps his students develop their practice for healing and profound transformation. A Yoga class with Rajneesh includes basics of yoga, alignment of asanas and the modern yoga with the inclusion of ancient techniques of Ashtanga Yoga Series. Rajneesh ultimately spreads the culture and light of yoga.