Headstand (Shirshasan)

Shoolin headstand shirshasan

Headstand (Shirshasan)

Headstand or Shirshasan is a reverse posture of standing head down. This asana is recommended as the most important reverse pose. This asana brings the blood down to the heart and brain. This gives the energy to the whole body and refreshes the cardiovascular and lymphatic system. This increase the blood flow in the skull that relief the many problems like deafness, headache, stress, and managing asthma. Practicing headstand offers mental clarity.


Practice at least six-time sun salutation to warm up the body. Practice any asana only with an empty stomach. After finishing this asana never come up directly, relax in rabbit pose for few seconds then come up. If practicing the first time takes the guidance of the teacher.

How to do the headstand

Step: 1 Bend your knees and sit on your knees on the mat. If you are a beginner or doing the first time, you can place your mat against the base of the wall.

Step: 2 Come to tabletop pose, make the position of your body like a tabletop and catch your elbows with the finger of opposite hands. You can also make a cat pose, then lock your elbows or catch your elbows with the opposite hand’s finger.

Step: 3 Lock your fingers and keep the top head into the fingers on the mat. Adjust your head properly until you feel comfortable.

Step: 4 Keeping your head comfortable into the fingers, lift your knees up and straighten your legs.

Step: 5 With straightening the legs walk forward until you back look straight and your hips face the sky side.

Step: 6 Straightening the back, slowly lift your feet straight up to the sky and make a balance or take the support of the wall. Hold for a few breaths here. If you are not able to lift your feet, you can also bend your knees and then lift them up straight.

Step: 7 Slowly take your legs down to and touch your feet on the mat. You can also come down with bending your knees according to your comfort.

Step: 8 Then relax a few seconds in rabbit pose.

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