Shoolin Yoga Pranayama
Pranayama is made of two words prana and Ayama. Pranayama is control of Breath". "Prana" is Breath or bioenergy in the body. On subtle levels, prana represents the pranic energy responsible for life or life force, and "ayama" means control. Therefore, Pranayama is "Control of Breath". One can control the rhythms of pranic energy with pranayama and achieve a healthy body and mind. This is also the Important part of Yoga Breathing Exercises. The controlled breath enables the person to relax the mind and concentrate on poses. Pranayama has breathing exercises that clear the physical and emotional obstacles from our mind. Pranayama is controlling on the breath that awakes the Prana (Vital energy) in the body.

Benefits of Pranayama

Prana is the driving energy of all function of the body. Every part of bodywork depending on well working of Prana energy in the body. Pranayama practice is very helpful in stress and anxiety related problems. It relaxes the body and mind. It reduces Stress, Depression, and Hypertension. Improve blood circulation, and keep away heart-related problems. Improve your concentration. It relieves Asthma, headache, migraine, depression, gastric problems. Improve the function of reproductive organs. It makes the mind steady and gives strong willpower. Some Pranayama exercises are excellent on losing the weight.

Types of Pranayama

Pranayama improves the respiratory system and purifies the body and mind, it is an ancient yogic breathing technique that is used as preparation for meditation and is a vital aspect of practicing yoga.
  • Kapal bhati pranayama
  • Nadi shodhan pranayam
  • Anulom vilom pranayam
  • Bhramari parnayama
  • Bhastrika pranayama
  • Shitkari pranayam
  • Shitali pranayama
  • Surya bhedi pranayama
  • Ujjayi pranayama

Best time to practice Pranayama

Best time to practice Pranayama Techniques is morning time. Pranayama should be practice on empty stomach. It is recommended that you should practice asanas, pranayama only after clear your stomach. If anyhow you cannot practice pranayama in the morning, you can practice it in the evening at sunset time on an empty stomach.