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200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

Welcome to Shoolin Yoga and Meditation School for Yoga Alliance certified 200 Hour Transformational Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India at the foothills of Himalyas.

Overview of 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course.

As far as consciousness is concerned, meditation is considered to be the highest event. Meditation is the central thread or original practice of all eight limbs. Our search for meaning is one of the most comprehensive and pressing dilemmas in our lives. At some point, we frustrate our life in confusion, sadness and pain, which harms our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and destroys our relationships with others. Generally, we try to change negative thoughts and feelings with positive people, suppress them, avoid them, or dump others- These are all very destructive. But just imagine if you have the skill to turn negative thoughts and feelings into positive, creative energy. If you can be the owner of your own life then how will it be? If you were in charge of your happiness and peace? If you were on the seat of the driver of any curvature, that life had thrown on you? If, instead of being victim of your circumstances, were you the producer? Instead of being within the scope of your social, psychological, religious, cultural, situations, can you move them and lead a life of personal liberty?

Highlights of 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course at Shoolin Yoga School.

Increase your ability to deepen your mind and self-awareness. 

Increase your inner prosperity of love, peace, compassion and harmony. 

Heal and transform your body, breath, mind and heart. 

Develop the skills of guided holidays and yoga sleeping with bonus certification of yoga sleep training. 

Experience the inner energy field of Rishikesh, Himalayas and the height of consciousness in India – the land of inner journey. 

Find out how to explore and reveal multi-faceted aspects of life. 

Become a multi-style meditation teacher certified by the Yoga Alliance, USA.

Practice Styles of 200 hour Meditation Teacher Training

Mantra Meditation
Chakra Meditation
Anapana Meditation
Vipassana Meditation
Kundalini Meditation
Mindfullness Meditation
Dynamic Meditation
Silence Meditation
Yog Nidra Meditation
Osho Active Meditation

Mind teaches the secret of transformation and transit.

Our 200 hours of Meditation teacher training courses are contrary to other programs because we focus on the experiential and transformational aspects of meditation rather than simply distributing practices in a technical way. The first half of the course prepares the students to go deeper into their body, breath, mind and heart layers; The second half offers the skills and methods to teach and share meditation practices with others. Meditation practices are generally taught by adding two main principles of Yogic science and modern medical science to make it complete, systematic and contemporary

Who can Join this 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training ?

Our 200-hour meditation teacher training course is open to students of all yoga and meditation level, with a commitment to personal development, internal travel and self-discovery. Therefore

1-) Attention teachers and students who wish to be educated and want to be recognized internationally.

2-) Students who do not wish to become a meditation teacher, but have the desire to change, change and deepen their understanding of life through meditation and yoga.

You will experience this 200-hour mindfulness meditation teacher training course and will be trained in many different meditation techniques and exercises, yoga exercises that have been developed or recommended by yogis, Shiva, Buddha such as Gurzieff, Osho and Sufi like fauces Self Masters-Growth Techniques At the beginning of the course, students must undergo Eight days of practice to focus more on experiential and transformational aspect.

For this, we use many active meditation practices from Osho and other modern mystics to leave the stress of stress, body and mind. These active medicines form a powerful foundation to experience many passive and traditional meditation practices that come after Eight days of course.

Additional Yog Nidra Teacher Training

This part of our 200-hour-mediated teacher training will be dedicated to the Yog Nidra Teacher Training. This yoga sleeping training will help students to experience the effect of Yoga Dormancy for deep relaxation, treatment and change. At the same time, students will learn yoga sleeping in a phased manner to share yoga sleep, guided meditation and guided deep relaxation sessions. After completion of the training, our students will get 25 hours of Yog Nidra Teacher Training certification in addition to 200 hours of meditation teacher training certification at no extra cost.

Silent Days During the Meditation Teacher Training

In the middle of the 200-hour meditation teacher training course, participants will have to undergo 4 days silence to enhance mediatory practices and experiential changes in life. During these silent days, students will concentrate in their practice and will not be able to interact with the outside world, including phone calls / text, social media etc. Silent days are for personal development and internal travel, therefore we need honesty on this, but it is not mandatory.

Meditative Excursions and Meditation in Nature, Himalayan Mountains and Sacred Place

Rishikesh Deep is the Himalayas and entrances, which is an entrance gate for those who want to go deeper in their inner journey. It is known as “Tapo Bhoomi”, which means that the practice of yoga and meditation of many monks and saints from ancient times is land. Thousands of sages and saints have visited Rishikesh to meditate in search for higher knowledge and self-realization. The yogic energy field and its vibration, the spiritual power of Rishikesh makes our inner journey easy and fast as it goes along with the flow of the river, not against it. Every seeker can easily feel it on the path. During this Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training course, participants will get an opportunity to visit and visit the nearby holy place on the banks of the Ganges, Caves, Mountains and Nature, under the guidance of Rishikesh’s real Yogic energy field and vibration experience To do And teacher’s guidance.

Certification of 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

Shoolin Yoga is an affiliated yoga school of the Rishikesh Yoga Alliance (RYS). At the end of the training, you will get 200 hours of complete teacher training and 25-hour Yog Nidra Teacher Training completion certificate. These Certificates are valid and approved throughout the world, such as 200 hours of YTT TTC. We adhere to the fundamental principles and ethics of the Yoga Alliance’s teaching standard to make courses more professional and experiential.

200 Hour Meditation TTC Daily Schedule

The Daily Schedule is designed by keeping the ancient Vedic practice in mind, which lays great emphasis on Vedic lifestyle. The Schedule lays great emphasis on the mental, physical and spiritual aspect.

Time Work
5:15 AM
Wake Up Bell
6:00 AM
Yoga Asana Practice
7:15 AM
Pranayama and mantra chanting
8:15 AM
9:30 AM
Meditation Practice (Patanjali/Buddha/Osho)
11:15 Am
Active Meditation Practice (Osho/Shiva/Sufi)
12:30 PM
2:00 PM
Self Study
4:00 PM
Meditation Practice (Buddha/Tantra/Shiva)
5:20 PM
Applied Yoga Philosophy/Yogic Lifestyle/Ethics

Course Dates and Price

200 Hours Meditation Teacher Training India

6th of every month till 27th of every month
200 hour Certification With yoga Alliance USA
$ 1100

Syllabus Of 200 Hour Meditation TTC

1 - Meditation Practice

Our 200-hour meditation teacher training course includes multi-style meditation practices involving active and passive meditation techniques compatible with contemporary lifestyles. You will learn 20 meditation techniques from different world paths, schools, etc. These practices are being taught by applying both ancient eastern yogic inner science and both western modern external science. Practice is completely focused on our transformation and self-development without membership of any path, school, tradition or any person.

You will learn these practices with their pure essence and their practical application for our modern lifestyle. These practices are presented very systematic and scientifically to enhance the experiential and transformational aspects of our lives.

This meditation teacher training course will equip you with huge practical items such as Meditation Training Handbook, Meditation Book, many meditation in PDF and Yoga books, huge collection of meditation music, audio-video material etc. and all these practices are being taught. is. In a non-serious, joyful and contemporary way, you will enjoy learning process, self-development and change

Yog Nidra

The main objective of our 200-hour meditation teacher training curriculum is to provide Yoga Sleeper Teacher training to our students to provide the skills of guided practice so that they can get very easy to lead meditation session, including some guided relaxation And Leadership is also the Yoga Sleep session. During yoga sleep training, you will experience the complete process of yoga sleep and will learn through special training principles and practices, in addition to Yog Nidra, 25 hours. This training will allow you to understand and experience yoga sleep through a step-by-step methodology very scientifically. This training will also help you develop skills and learn deep deep relaxation practice, guided meditation practice.


Mantra is one of the most powerful instruments on the sound and it immediately affects our energy body, mental body, and emotional body. Therefore, almost religious paths, schools have developed their own sound practices to work deeply on the body, mind, health, health, meditation and spiritual development

Mantra is very effective practice to stop the obsessive nature of mind and bring the mind to the present moment. The best tool for activating the Mantra Chakra, Kundalini, expansion of energy body, experience of higher consciousness etc.

Applied Meditation, Yoga Philosophy and Psychology

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullApplied Meditation, Yoga Philosophy is one of the interesting topics of our 200-hour meditation teacher training course. This special class helps students understand the fundamental principles of meditation philosophy and psychology and their practices in meditation. This special subject also develops the basic understanding of the whole science of internal travel, making the internal travel map more systematic, scientific and point-to-point. Explanations also bring more practical clarity for the entire yoga science and their purpose in our lives. It includes…amcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Columns of internal travel and holistic health  

Obstacles in meditation and internal travel  

Fundamental Principles of Meditation and Yoga 

Five bodies or layers of human existence.

Purushartha: Four Purposes of Life.

tis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Five states of mind.

Their relationship with the science of chakras, kundalini and nadis and internal journey.

Body Treya – Three bodies.  

Consciousness of four states.  

Asana and Pranayama

According to Rishi Patanjali, the main purpose of asana practice is to bring the stability of the body which stabilizes the mind and breathes for meditation. Swami Atmaram, author of Hatha Yoga Pradipika says that asana practice makes our body flexible, light, disease-free and brings more stability to pranayama and meditation practice. During our 200-hour meditation teacher training course, you will know the asana practices which fulfill the same characteristics of yoga as mentioned by both Rishi Patanjali and Swami Atmaram.

You will get the opportunity to practice traditional Hatha Yoga posture in the contemporary dimension and in its pure essence in a more focused and intense experience. You will experience how asana practice can create a solid platform for higher yoga practices such as perception, meditation and samadhi.

You will also experience that classical Hatha yoga practice can help stabilize our body, mind and emotions and opens the way for overall health and higher consciousness. Since pranayama practice are important tools for controlling the mind and activating the chakras and the kundalini, therefore you will have the opportunity to learn and exercise some breathing exercises.

Teaching Practicum

In our 200-hour meditation teacher training course, Teaching Practical topic gives a thorough and thorough explanation on the yogic science of each meditation practice. Students will get many information and tips about presenting each meditation practice in a more systematic and scientific way. This will allow students to teach every meditation technique efficiently and creatively. You will learn how to create different modules of meditation sessions such as 60 minute modules, 90 minute modules, modes of 2 to 3 hours, meditation retreat, etc. of whole day meditation. This training provides many tips on how to use some meditation practices as meditation therapy for stress.

Management sleep management and holistic medicine. You will learn how to choose meditation practices in relation to basic, intermediate, advanced and present them accordingly. In this training, it has also been mentioned that when methods of meditation should be used, when and where and to be used effectively and in scientific way so that they are fundamental for internal travel, self-transformation, self-development and overall health. Can prepare the base

What’s Included in the Course Fee ?

A) Accommodation in a single room with attached bathroom.

B ) Three Yogic and Sattvic meals per day homemade fresh with local flavors.

C) Study Material on full course with Yoga Kit.

D) Weekly Excursions.

E) Free Laundry.

F) Free Airport Pickup from Dehradun Airport

Refund Policy

A) This is suggested that all aspirants are carefully considered the resources and time required for the course, before applying for the teacher training course at SYMT.

B) The advance deposit for any TTC Course or any retreat is not refundable.

C) No Refunds, Transfer or credits will be done on course cancellation, during or after the course start.

D) In case of an emergency, if the student is not able to attend the course, SYMT can permit the student to join the course in other scheduled course within the span of 12 months.