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Hi and Welcome to the World Yoga Capital in Rishikesh Uttrakhand India at Shoolin Yoga, offers the certified Yoga Teacher Training in India. As all People aware that Rishikesh is known for the first destination of all Yoga Lovers from all around the world. Shoolin Yoga School in India, conduct 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India Certified by Yoga Alliance USA, 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 7 Days Yoga Retreat, 10 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreats..

Introduction of Yoga

The Word YOGA means ONENESS or UNITY. which means join. In the Spiritual term, this unity of joining is described as the union of individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. On a Practical Level, Indian Traditional Yoga is a means of harmonizing and balancing the emotions, body, and mind. This can be done through the practice of ASANAS ( Poses ), Pranayama ( Breathing Techniques ), Meditation, Mudra Bandha, and shatkarma and this must be achieved with the higher reality before the reunion takes place.



200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India is the Foundational step in your career as a Certified and Inspiring Yoga Trainer. This 200 Hour Yoga Training in India, will help you to excel and advance the Knowledge of Yoga and its variants to find your peerless teaching style. This course is affiliated with Yoga Alliance U.S.A gives you the Opportunity to share your knowledge with others and work as a Yoga Instructor in any part of the world. During the Yoga Teacher Training Sessions.

200 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Shoolin Yoga Conduct 200 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program. Aerial Yoga is a type of modern yoga combining the traditional yoga Postures. This can be done by using a Hammock or Yoga Swing to allow students to perform yoga postures

200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

This is a 21 days comprehensive and Intensive Meditation Teacher Training Course designed for those who wish to deepen their meditation practice as well as teaching to others how to meditate. Being in the stressful world it is good to have sometime with our real self and need to find the rest within. .

Yoga Teacher Training in India , Rishikesh

Yoga Teacher Training in India is a peerless exposure for any Yoga Lover as Rishikesh is known for its ancient tradition and culture for the centuries. Great Monks and saints have spent their full life by practicing Yoga in the foothills of Himalayas. The trend of Yoga is totally based on the ancient tradition and culture for which Rishikesh is known for. Yoga Practitioners feels the apparent energy in Rishikesh which gives the high motivation and strength, works on the physical and mental level. Rishikesh City is surrounded by the mountains and blessed with the Mother river Ganga which turns all the stress into spiritual colors.

Our Reputed Teachers

Yogi Alok Thakur Ji

Yogi Alok Ji has more than 10 Years Experience of Yoga Philosophy and Its Variants. All the Yoga Activities works under the supervision of Alok Ji. He Believes that Yoga Implant the great Power to Influence the Positive transformation in People as well as in the Environment. He believes that all the Positive dimension will begin to develop not only in us but in society and the environment we live in.

YOGI Dinesh 

Dinesh is a Successful Yoga Trainer and Practitioner from Rishikesh done his Masters degree in Yoga from Reputed Institute from Rishikesh. After Years of Study in Yoga and Gain experience Dinesh Helps the students to develop the Qualities for Practising Yoga Poses and Profound Alteration. A Yoga Class with Dinesh Includes the Yoga Poses Alignment, Yoga Basics, Modern Yoga with Ancient Techniques of Ashtanga Yoga Series.

YOGI Ashwani

Yogi Ashwani is a confident, hardworking and enthusiastic person. He has very Strong Capability of doing firm analysis, Pledge and works even in a hostile situation. He loves to face new challenges and experiments and believes in dedication and perfection. Ashwani is well professional in the teaching and practice of Hatha Yoga series. Ashwani special training class will surely help the trainees in correct alignment and transformation.

YOGINI Deepika

Deepika focuses on Women's health by Incorporation the Mantra, Meditation, Yoga Asanas. Deepika believes in 3 Fundamental facts that help to construct our figure. These Facts are Balanced diet, Daily Routine Yoga and laughing 20-25 minutes every day. All positive aspects will begin to develop by continuing with these facts.

Students Eligibility

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, This Certification is open for all who is interested in learning in Ancient Science of Yoga and Spirituality. The Basic Requirement of this course is the Passion to learn about Yoga. This course is open for all Yoga Practitioners regardless of caste and creed.

Google Reviews

  • review rating 5  Thank you Shoolin Yoga School to giving me this opportunity to learn and practice yoga. Teachers are are very helpful and the staff members really nice, good schedule and classes are perfect. Rooms very clean and the environment of the school is totally awesome. So thanks again everyone making my yogic journey cool. Thank you once again.

    thumb Rony Grande

    review rating 5  I went through the Yoga Teacher Training in Shoolin Yoga for 200 Hour Yoga TTC. This was my first experience of Yoga for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Teacher Training in Rishikesh. I felt Shoolin Yoga is the Best Yoga Teacher Training in India. Teachers are very knowledgeable and friendly. Most Important is the venue was very peaceful near the river. Fantastic experience.......Thank you.....Regards.....Antony Drew

    thumb Antony Drew
  • review rating 5  For anyone with a serious inclination to learn and understand what yoga truly is, I highly recommend this school. The level of commitment and dedication that Ashu along with the other instructors have shouldered has set the bar truly high. I would highly recommend this school. Good vibes 🙂


    review rating 5  I got the good experience here. Yoga Practice and Lessons were good enough to learn Yoga. Trainers did extremely good job. Accommodation and food were also good.

    thumb Tim Ngoc
  • review rating 4  I just completed my RYT 200 training from shoolin yoga in march 2019. The month I spent here was truely transformational. I learnt so much about yoga and yoga philosophy and Indian traditional culture....... Amazing experience........

    thumb Aliza Malik

    review rating 5  This was the Fantastic month I Spent at Shoolin Yoga School. Teachers are very Knowledgeable and very helpful. Good Learning Environment. We had fun together with Learning. I would Highly Recommend it.

    thumb Maria Bagnara
  • review rating 5  This is my first Yoga drop in class, Feels really bliss with way yoga taught, Meditation class was also wonderful. Teachers have very good knowledge.

    thumb Asha Sharma

    review rating 5  Fantastic experience of yoga teachers training. Love this training.......

    thumb deepika Kashyap
  • review rating 5  This is really a great and natural destination for yoga and the shoolin team are very genuinely lovely people. I Will highly recommend the Shoolin Yoga School to all Yoga Lovers. All the Teachers are very attentive towards the Trainees and make sure everything is taken care of. Ashram is in a very calm place close to the best Ganga Aarti Ceremony around. I spent the wonderful time here with 200 Hour Yoga TTC Course. Love this Training.

    thumb Rocco Misite

    review rating 5  This was such a Pleasant Experience with Shoolin Yoga. The Ashram Family and the School Staff are absolutely lovely People. The Teachers have very deep knowledge and supportive, Even the Location surrounding the Shoolin Yoga School is implausibly lovely, situated just by the River Ganga with mountain and forest behind.The noisiest things around are the noise of waterfall and the songs of birds. I Relish the every moment of my stay in Ashram and I got the full worth of my money. Thank you so much for everything.

    thumb NATALIA OAN
  • review rating 5  Really enjoyed the shoolinyoga training. I was looking for a robust plateform to start a path in yoga and learn how to become a greate teacher and that is i found exactly in shoolin yoga school. Shoolin yoga team have an amazing vision for the future so i suggest the yoga practitioners study with shoolin yoga school.

    thumb Marcus Koontz

    review rating 5  Shoolin Yoga School forever has a special place in my heart! This is the place I chose to complete my first yoga teacher training 6 Months ago and it has given me a very comprehensive understanding of yoga as a holistic healing science. I picked it as I wanted something more authentic and disciplined than other ashrams around the area. It was the right choice and I left with a strong foundation to continue on with my yoga journey. 6 Months later I’m back for a second time for more inspirations and the program has gotten even better! Rajat personally looks after us and his team of very knowledgeable teachers and kind staff puts so much heart and effort into every details of the program. I particular loved the very detailed hands on adjustment lessons with Dinesh and yoga theory classes with Alok (who is the best yoga philosophy teacher I’ve ever met). Energy anatomy theory was also very insightful. The food here is always fresh and delicious (I miss it already!!) even though I ate so much I felt healthy and happy. Can’t wait to come back again soon. Thank you Shoolin Yoga School for making us into better teachers!

  • review rating 5  I have spent the amazing 4 weeks here to learn physical and spiritual yoga in an ideal environment. I didn't feel like a student but as a part of Shoolin Yoga Family. Food was so nice and teachers are knowledgeable and caring. Thank you very much for everything.

    thumb Lauran Salmeron

    review rating 4  I did my 200 YTTC. Amazing experience. Teachers were fantastic. I heartily recommend this place for new yoga trainees situated near the river Ganga . Food was good.............Thank You

  • review rating 5  I had an amazing exposure here in yoga retreat. I learnt a lot about Mantras, Meditation, Yog Nidra and Yoga Asanas. Teachers are very Professional and have good knowledge. Good and Friendly Environment in the Ashram. Surely recommend.....Thank you.

    thumb JAMMY R VARGAS

    review rating 5  This was such a Pleasant Experience with Shoolin Yoga. The Ashram Family and the School Staff are absolutely lovely People. The Teachers have very deep knowledge and supportive, Even the Location surrounding the Shoolin Yoga School is implausibly lovely, situated just by the River Ganga with mountain and forest behind.The noisiest things around are the noise of waterfall and the songs of birds. I Relish the every moment of my stay in Ashram and I got the full worth of my money. Thank you so much for everything.

    thumb NATALIA OAN

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